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Bodywork and Reiki in Santa Fe, NM

2014 Bodywork PricesWhether you are looking for a series of sessions to address specific physical or energetic difficulties, or are looking for an opportunity to relax and nurture yourself, I am excited to work with you.  I offer Therapeutic Massage, Thai Foot Reflexology and Reiki/Energywork in Santa Fe, NM.  Visit my Bodywork page to find out more about my services or visit my contact page if you would like to set up a session.

Gluten-free and Vegetarian Cooking

I have been sharing my nourishing recipes on my food blog since 2008 and plan to continue to share my gluten-free, vegetarian dishes with you.  I also plan to incorporate more information about nutrition, well-being and the body as my practice continues to grow.

I look forward to connecting with you.